The Song Neg Guinen By Skah Shah Number 1

The Song Neg Guinen By Skah Shah Number 1

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Skah Shah is a famous band in the Haitian history for the role it played in popularizing of Konpa to become the leading music in the Caribbean Country. It was formed in 1974 as a full band with drums, saxophones, guitar, trumpets, piano and bass guitar. Skah Shah recorded its first album in 1974 and for a long time thereafter the band was in command as far as the music industry was concerned. It rocked the country with exhilarating vocals as it established its authority as a band. During its formative stages it changed the music scene in Haiti, bringing about radical changes. Skah Shah changed peoples perception of music and incorporated its songs into the culture of Haitians. The band was full of energy and enthusiasm, often enduing and impacting on the society through its positive message. Neg Guinen by Skah Shah Number 1

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