il est bon de louer dieu music video - dorcas kaja

il est bon de louer dieu music video - dorcas kaja

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Here is a beautiful song IL EST BON DE LOUER DIEU by DORCAS KAJA.

Dorcas Kaja was born in Kinshasa on May 30, 1975. Surprisngly enough, she grew up in a family with no history with religion or the church. She became involved in church life through school. It was also revealed that thanks to her strict religious education, she was spared from the disappointments of youth.

As a young adult, Dorcas Kaja was Very close to her mother who guided her and helped her with hewr first steps in the church.

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Dr Jean Volcy says...

I think that this video is great.

It great action and live, but I would recommend that the name of God should always be written with capital letter like (Dieu meaning God) to differentiate from other gods.

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