The return of Jean Monard Metellus

The return of Jean Monard Metellus

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Brega Anderson introduced Jean Monard Metellus back to Radio Caraibes following the interview from Sweet Mickey.

Did Jean Monard expect a public excuse from Brega Anderson or the owner of the station? Does Jean Monard own the station? Some people think that Jean Monard tried to find the best possible way to come back or to walk back to the station.

Jean Monard Metellus si fache Li pa Fe Emisyon Ranmase

Jean Monard tèlman fache pou jan Martelly abize l sou radio karayib, menm emisyon li pa vle fè

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Mecene Laporte says...

swett mickey, le salaud que vs etes, avec votre comportement;;AMORPHE;; MOI PERSONELMEN, JE N, AI QU, A ME FOUTRE DE VOUS, JE NE PERDRAI RIEN..TI CRETIN...

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