Taíno Museum - In The Middle Of A Tropical Garden

Taíno Museum - In The Middle Of A Tropical Garden

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Here isa video that will most likely be of interest to those interested in the history of Haiti. There will be an important renovation in Cormier where a new complex will be built next to the beach in North Haiti. The project includes the creation of Taíno Museum

Arawak/ Taino Indians practiced polytheism and ZEMI was their supreme deity. They also made up creation myths as to how the world came to be.

Genocide wiped out the Arawak/ Taino Indians. Spanish colonists used them as slave labor and disease played a large role in reducing their numbers. Estimates range from 100,000-400,000 A/T when Columbus landed. By 1507, the population had dwindled to 60,000 and in 1531, 600 remained. Some interbreeding with African slaves occurred, and vestiges of A/T blood can still be found in the Haitian gene pool. Remnants of A/T cultural artifacts, however, have disappeared entirely archeologists have said.

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Yolande Pierre says...

Bravo! Bravo! L'idee est fantastique.

On se prepare pour les touristes haitiens and internationaux.

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