Video showing actual moment of Kanaval accident

Video showing actual moment of Kanaval accident

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This is the actual moment the power line sparks at Haiti Carnival

On 17 February, shortly before 8:00 AM GMT, while a musical float was passing below an overhead power line in the downtown of the Haitian capital, an accident occurred in Port-au-Prince. A singer from a band named the 'Barikad Crew' who was performing on the float, used a stick to move the power line letting the float to pass; the person attempted was instantly electrocuted.

Panic ensued when people jumped off the float to avoid being electrocuted, and that set off the stampede. At least 16 people were dead in the accident and another 78 people had been injured in the stampede. President Martelly expressed his "sincerest sympathies" to the victims in a Twitter message. The First lady Sophia Martelly visited the hospitals where the injured were admitted for treatment. Later on the same day, the new Prime Minister Evans Paul arranged a silent procession of mourning, and announced a three days of national mourning till Saturday when the state funeral was held.

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