Supporters say Jean Bertrand Aristide, Poze

Supporters say Jean Bertrand Aristide, Poze

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Here is a video on the protest that took place this week in Port-au-Prince. As you can see, the supporters of former President Jean Bertrand Aristide came out in force this week to demonstrate their faith in their leader.

The former leader is facing possible arrest for not presenting in court to provide court-ordered testimony in a criminal investigation.

The supporters erected barricades of stones and burning tires outside Aristide's home to prevent any attempt to arrest Jean Bertrand Aristide

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Neg Miserne says...

Aristide has more than 8000000 dollars.

he can afford to pay a few gourdes to thugs who have nothing to do, the only reason as to why aristide is not arrest yet, is because the chief of police is a lavalasse.

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