VIDEO - Listen to Sonson, one of the kidnappers of Lencie Mirville

VIDEO - Listen to Sonson, one of the kidnappers of Lencie Mirville

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This case should get everyone in the Haitian society upset. Listen to Desir Jebson dit Sonson, one of the kidnappers of Lencie Mirville, explaining how they conducted the operation. The 4 people involved inclide:
1- Guerrier Jean Franck
2- Bartelmy Edison
3- Desir Jebson dit Sonsonn ( The mechanic of the pastor, also well known by the family)
4- Geraldy B. William.

Lencie S. Mirville, the 23-year old girl who was abducted by four kidnappers on December 3rd, could not return home alive. Her disfigured body wrapped in a sheet was found at the bottom of a cliff in Morne Karaté on December 8th. Police have arrested all the four kidnappers connected to this crime and they have confessed crime. One of the kidnappers, Dezi Jenson alias 'Sonson', was known to the victim, because he used to work as a mechanic for the victim's father. Two of his three accomplices were regular visitors of Lencie's house. On the day of the kidnapping, Sonson offered Lencie a ride home and took her away. Then he came back Lencie's home to help her father negotiate with the other kidnappers (Edison, Guerier and William). Guerier (Jean Francky Guerier) is a former police who bribed his way out of prison. Lencie was kept blindfolded since she was abducted. It seems that she identified the voice of Sonson. Despite the payment of ransom, this could be the reason of her death. Sonson", to show his innocence, was even present during the young girl's funeral and carried her coffin.

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Shime Leroy says...

pas gain place pou malfrindin criminel con ca nan prison yo pa besoin juger yo yo coupable moin regret pas gain recherche criminel encore a le qui liyoo te presque bon anba baton ac calotte premier ministre K PLIM c TEMOINGNER LI PA TE YON

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Subject: VIDEO - Listen to Sonson, one of the kidnappers of Lencie Mirville edit

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