Arnel Belizaire is now on IV, hunger strike continues

Arnel Belizaire is now on IV, hunger strike continues

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The Deputy of Delma, Tabar, Arnel Belizaire has decided to accept tom fluid through his system. He is now on IV but continues on with his hunger strike.

Several personalities came to visit him today, including former First Lady Mirlande Manigat.

The Deputy has passed the time where he is totally aware of his decisions. It is stated that after the first 3 days of a hunger strike, the body is still using energy from glucose.

A list of health facilities available to Haitians:

Now he is in the stage where his liver starts processing body fat. If Deputy Arnel Belizaire does not stop the hunger strike soon, his body will enter a "starvation mode" where he will be loosing body, muscles and vital organs as well as bone marrow

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J Royfire says...

Who care this silly guys should be executed

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Ricclavie says...

The Haitian media must publish his three demands.

Until now the most known Deputy's demand is to release the political prisoners.

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