Jacques Sauveur Jean (jakito) - Haitian Artist

Jacques Sauveur Jean (jakito) - Haitian Artist

Jacques Sauveur Jean, also known as Jakito is a great Haitian romantic singer. He started his career in Cap-Haitian as Jacques Sauveur jean and became very popular. Later, he realized the the name Jakito would be more appropriate for him and changed it as such. His new name Jakito name was released with the Album: "Jakito and the Band"

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Jacques Sauveur Jean received several acclamations for his music. At one point he was the darling of Haitian love music. Many people think his interpretation of the song "Je L'Aime A Mourir" was one of the best French songs interpreted and arranged by a Haitian artist.

Jakito's career took a turn to the left after he had decided to leave the United States where he was living and return to Haiti to campaign for President Rene Preval without securing his US residency. Jacques Sauveur Jean was not allowed to return to the US.