Haitian mother learns child is using drug, lesson from Prank

Haitian mother learns child is using drug, lesson from Prank

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Here is a video where a child, a young lady, is making a prank on her Haitian parents. The prank was to let her mother believe that she has been using drug, more specifically cocaine.

As you can see in the video, the mother was very upset at the child. She explained to her the sacrifice she had made for her and to have all that going to waste by using drug that will eventually destroy her life.

What I took out of the prank was seeing a mother in a state of desperation after learning that her child was using drug. With her limited ability to speak the English language, she tried to communicate and reason with the child by explaining how disappointed she was for using drug.

What was surprising was how much control she had in the middle of all that. She still managed not to get out of control and to result to violence.

How many Haitian children do you think would not end up with a slap across the face after giving such news to their parents?

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