Découvrez L'Île-à-vache

Découvrez L'Île-à-vache

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Here is a video of the plan for Ile-a-Vache.

The island of Ile a Vache with more than 20 pristine deserted picturesque beaches is the place where you can gaze and gaze. It is constantly changing and moving and often becomes mesmeric. Undoubtedly, it is the prime destination for nature lovers looking for an enchanting, relaxing and safe vacation. Here you can find a nine hole mini golf course in the midst of natural scenic sand beaches, or may sail with a local fisherman and enjoy a relaxing sailing experience or get familiar with the thrill of speed boat ride. It is the perfect place for the gastronomy buffs to taste delicious local gourmets prepared by local chefs. Make sure you make the trip to this.

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Carly Placide says...

Sa yon bel bagay tt haiten ta dwe fye
bravo martelly bravo lamothe

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