Commemoration of 212th anniversary of Vertiere battle

Commemoration of 212th anniversary of Vertiere battle

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Here is the video report for the 212th anniversary of the battle of Vertiere. Video taped on November 18, 2015.

On November 18, 1803, Haiti won Independence by defeating its French colonialists in the Battle of Vertières. It was a major battle, Haiti's second war of Independence, and the final part of the Haitian Revolution where the enslaved Africans successfully led a revolution for their freedom in a two month long battle against the French and became world's first nation to ban slavery and world's first Independent Black republic. It is a day of honor for the entire black race. It is a public holiday in Haiti to memorize its last battle for independence. On this day, to mark the 212th anniversary of the day an inaugural ceremony was held at the renovated historic site of Vertières with the presence of the outgoing President Martelly and other government dignitaries. Unfortunately, the celebration was vandalized by agitated protesters challenging the recent published election result.

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