Zenglin - Cap-Haitien Je T'aiime on your anniversary

Zenglin - Cap-Haitien Je T'aiime on your anniversary

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One of the best production of Richie so far. The music video Cap Haitien Je T'aime is one of the rare realizations of the talented Richie. This is an artist for whom the level of talent is much greater just for one musical band. Fortunately, due to his friendly character and a sense of cooperation, Richie was able to venture outside of his Zenglin base and produced some of the most memorable songs of our time. Often you see Richie with Gazzman Couleur, t-vice and many more artists, where he is either involved in arrangement, composition or accompanying other artist on stage. This is a very talented artist, musician who is originally from Cap-Haitian.

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