Zenglen - Kompa Music

Zenglen - Kompa Music

The Haitian Kompa band Zenglen was created in the 1980's in Port-au-Prince, Haitian by two young artists: Garry Didier Perez and Jean Brutus Derissaint. These guy, with a passion for music and the focus on achievement, would meet every afternoon after school, to play songs already created by famous Haitian Kompa artists as well as Zouk artists of the time.

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One day, during rehearsal, they decided to form the band officially and to name it Zenglen, which means in Haitian Creole: broken pieces of bottles
In the 1990's, the band was hot, with great demand in all the clubs in the capital as well as in the provinces. Since, The Haitian band was been through ups and downs, first with Gracia Delva who had to leave the band suddenly to return to Haiti. The group has tried many other singers. But as of today, Zenglen is still providing beautiful songs to its fans