United Nations MINUSTAH Firing At Anti Martelly Protest

United Nations MINUSTAH Firing At Anti Martelly Protest

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United Nations Peacekeeper Soldiers Fire At Protesters In Haiti

Here is a video showing United Nations Peacekeeper Soldiers Firing on Haitians during a protest against the government of Michel Martelly

In the meantime, Michel Martelly is planning on replacing his prime Minister.

Opposition leaders had mixed feelings, Andre Michel saying Lamothe's resignation was "too little, too late". But opposition senator, Francisco Delacruz, saw it differently, commenting: "The departure . . . is a positive signal", believing "the crisis can be resolved in a week . . ." but it will take political will to achieve it.

Martelly is set to meet with upper and lower chamber presidents to select Lamothe's replacement. He has been blamed for the delay in holding elections, three-and-a-half years overdue. He says the blame lies with six opposition senators, who won't pass the electoral law they say is biased toward the government.

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Daniel Micanor says...

Quand un président est démocratiquement élu, il a un mandat pour une durée de temps bien déterminé.

Les manifestations quotidiennes par des gens payes pour semer du désordre dans le pays ne font qu' handicaper le progrès du pouvoir élu...! La police haïtienne est établie pour mettre de l'ordre...

mais ces gens n'ont aucun égard pour elle.
Alors que voulez-vous...!?

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Lupe says...

It's about time

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