Simon Dieuseul Desras wants Transitional Government

Simon Dieuseul Desras wants Transitional Government

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Simon Dieuseul Desras wants the formation of Transitional Government. He Wants Jude Celestin to Rule under a Provisional Government

Former President of the Haitian Senate, Desras Simon, dropped out of the 2015 race for president under the PALMIS party. He now wants the CEP to approve of a coalition government, which would exclude Jovenel Moise, and put Jude Celestin in office as president. He would also exclude PHTK, KID, and Bouclier as they are allied with Martelly.

If the CEP refuses his request he will mobilize a coalition with eight other presidential candidates (G8) to oust the current administration and break up the CEP. In its place an egalitarian government would be formed, ruled by G8 members, whose terms would last five years. He proposes that two presidential candidates would fill the top posts, with Celestin as President (LAPEH), and Eric Jean Baptiste as Prime Minister (MAS). Moise Jean Charles (Pitit Dessalin); and Maryse Narcisse's (Fanmi Lavalas) roles would be to bring together all opposition parties to form a government that would mirror the needs of the Haitian people.

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