Protesters want Jean Bertrand Aristide to replace Michel Martelly

Protesters want Jean Bertrand Aristide to replace Michel Martelly

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For some of the protesters in the streets who are demanding that Michel Martelly leave office on February 7 seem to have their own solution to the crisis. They stated that the only elected president who did not finish his mandate is Jean Bertrand Aristide; therefore, he should replace Martelly

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Although Jean-Bertrand Aristide was twice toppled from power, he was the first democratically elected president of Haiti. He was nowhere in the ballot or in Haitian politics for almost a decade as he was on a seven-year exile in South Africa since he was second time ousted from power in 2004. His nominated candidate Dr. (Mrs.) Maryse Narcisse came in fourth position with a meager 7.05% vote in the last presidential race. However, he has many supporters who still consider him as a relevant figure to control and save Haiti out of the current electoral crisis. They believe he would be the right replacement for President Martelly. However, the U.S is worried about his return, because Aristide's last term in office was marred by violence and an economic recession.

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Auzirus Dumay says...

Something like that can 't be done.& Aristide would not accept it.

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