New Music Video Kayimit Konpa

New Music Video Kayimit Konpa

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This is a new Kompa band that I would like for you to judge. The music video is titled A music video titled Kayimit Konpa. This is a new Kompa band looking for feedback. Please let the Music Video producer know what you think about this song. Do you think it is a great song. How about the music video. Do you think there is room for improvement. Do you see some talent being displayed in this song. Please comment.

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Ernst Sauray says...

that's a very nice video.

i wish them the best. thanks ROLAND.

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Mitzi M Dumas says...

I like it...belle kompa.

We need more music from them

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Kaoukaw says...

Interesting, I wish long life to the new Kompa band.
Thank you Roland

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