Laurent Lamothe registered for Candidate without knowing

Laurent Lamothe registered for Candidate without knowing

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This is a tape of what is supposed to be the voice of former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. As you can hear, Lamothe was surprised to learn that some people had already registered him to run for president without his consent. He specifically mentioned the names of Stanley Lucas and Ralph Théano as the people who orchestrated that. According to Lamothe, he learned of his registration after his cousin from New York had contacted him to inform him

Minister Theano said portions of an audio leak were damning to his reputation, and he had begun an investigation into the matter.

The sections he referred to had ex-Prime Minister Lamothe claiming he had no foreknowledge of being registered as a candidate for the fall elections by Theano and Lucas.

Theano shared there were portions of the audio that were accurate but the crucial elements had been falsified. He added the spying was "bad enough", but tampering with the facts, worse.

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