Fermathe in Haiti by Frere Joel

Fermathe in Haiti by Frere Joel

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This is a video presentation by Fre Joel during his visit to the Haitian paradise Fermathe,

Once you are in Fermathe never miss a visit to the Baptist Mission (BHM). It is a cool place to visit. There is a church that comprises over 300 churches, a school that controls 327 schools with more than 55,000 students in Haiti.

BHM runs a Mountain Maid Gift shop located near the entrance of the town (Open 8-30 AM to 5 PM; Sunday closed, donation requested) that exhibits a good collection of artifacts of Haitian history. The Haiti Baptist Mission (BHM) was founded by John R. Turnbull in Fermathe Haiti in 1943. Subsequently in 1952, it was taken over by his son Wallace and wife Eleanor. In 2004, they passed the directorship to Rob and Patti Baker and continue to serve BHM as consultants to the Board of Directors, as well as assisting with fundraising.

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