Edwin Daniel Zenny (Edo) cried injustice from the CEP

Edwin Daniel Zenny (Edo) cried injustice from the CEP

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Edwin Daniel Zenny (Edo) cried injustice for his rejection as Presidential candidacy

During a press conference organized by the members of the Political Party Paysan, Edo said that he will fight the CEP and force them to change their position as it was an unfair act to remove him from the process.

Provisional Electoral Council (PEC) has approved 58 candidates to run for Haiti's presidency. Some potential candidates rejected by PEC were former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, Mayard-Paul Thierry, and Edwin Daniel Zenny.

Zenny has said "I am (a) candidate at 50%." He added he wanted to run to give low-wage earners a voice. His comment "in politics nothing is at 100%" reveals he is realist, unlike Jean-Charles Moise, who has bragged he is a shoo-in.

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