Video of accused Philippe Bourciquot who scammed Haitians out of millions

Video of accused Philippe Bourciquot who scammed Haitians out of millions

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Here is a surveillance video released by Miami Herald about Philippe Bourciquot who has been accused for developing a radio Ponzi scheme in the Haitian community. According to Florida undercover state agents, on May 20, 2014, the undercover state agent met with accused Haitian radio Ponzi schemer Philippe Bourciquot in a Palm Beach County parking lot and proposed to invest $30,000. The investor, however, wants to see where Philippe Bourciquot live before he invests. He was taken to a place where the accused has been running an illegal Radio, advertising his Scam.

According to Miami Herald, Bourciquot advertises massive return on investment. He guaranteed each investor will receive 60 percent on his investment every year. For example: You give him $100,000 today; by this time next year, you would have received $60,000 as benefits while your $100,000 is still working for you.

I was also informed that Philippe Bourciquot appealed to national pride by invoking the names of Haitian revolutionary heroes to make the Haitians believe that their investment in his Ponzi scheme is a way to build back the country.

There must be something about Haitian Haitian Ponzi schemer and invoking national pride because it seems to work every time.

Here is a list of Haitian Banks you can trust with your money: ./ All these Haitian financial institutions are well known internationally. They provide various types of investment options with an interest much smaller than what someone like Philippe Bourciquot would offer but with much better security.

Let's go back to memory lane for a second:

Haitian Ponzi schemer, businessman George Theodule, who was sentenced in 2014 for to more than 12 years in federal prison for taking $30 million out of Haitian Americans in Florida in 2007 and 2008.

In 2010, Florida prosecutors arrested three people who used radio and TV spots to lure 200 investors to a sham company called Gen-X. Alix Charles of Miami, pleaded guilty

North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau arrested in May, 2014, accused of recruiting borrowers to purchase 20 homes while defrauding $8 million from various mortgage lenders.

In 2010, federal authorities arrested four people in a Ponzi scheme that bilked about $8 million from 600 investors. Company was known as Focus Financial. T

In Haiti, more than $200 million was lost by Haitian investors. Under the government of Jean Bertrand Aristide, Illegal cooperatives took their investors' money and bought luxurious properties, fleets of buses or just spirited it abroad.

Pawol Pale, Pawol Komprann......

Mezanmi, poiki sa Ayisyen frem yo to jou ape pran nan minm kou sa yo. Invester ki promet anpil lajan et pi ape ankouraje nou pou no vini investi

Mezanmi, si viand Zandolit te bon konsa, eske li ta ape mache nan tout lantouray san moun pa okipe li?

Si investman sa yo te bon konsa, se pa ti neg ki ta va jwen yo. Yo ta ale kay Brandt ak Madsen poto. Mezanmi, ban mwin retire non Brantd pou sa nou konnin ke mwin konnin-an.

Mezanmi, moun toujou ape vini nan kominote Ayisyen-a pou yo promet nou anpil lajan. Et pi apre de, twa jou, yo sove ak tout bagay. Anbin se konsa nom sa yo bay pou Philippe Bourciquot ape fè li. Kote nou janm tande ke yo promet 60% chak abnne nan lajan ou investi ake yo?

Banm fè nou sonje:

George Theodule an 2014 nan prizon, li vole $30 million lajan Ayisyen kape redi
paske li pran lajan plis ke 200 Ayisyen nan yon majouill. Nom sa na prizon

Aktielman, Tet Mer Lucie Tondreau cho la. Yo akise li nan yon magouill kote yo di li cheche moun pou prete plis ke $8 milion lajan Amerikin

Eske nou bliye sa Ti mesye Fokus yo fè nan Miyami. Yo te vole plis ke $8 million nan min pov malere nan Florida

Et bagay Cooperativ ke yo te fè sou gouvelman Jean Bertrand Aristid la? Moun yo vole plis ke $200 million ak komplicite gounelman Ayisyen-a.

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