Twoubadou Music or Mizik Twoubadou in Haiti

Twoubadou Music or Mizik Twoubadou in Haiti

This is a form of Haitian music that you usually hear in the country side. The true Twoubadou music in is folk music. However, with modern technology this style of music has taken a new form.

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There are many Haitian artists who feel that to name this new form of music twoubadou is to do a disservice to the Haitian culture. The original twoubadou music was created by the Haitian rural class. The traditional Twobadou was based on a small string-base. They were accompanied by one or two guitars, drum, a manumba and a large box for the bass.
The lyrics of the Original Haitian twoubadou can be seen the same way we now see the evolution of the American Hip Hop or Rap.The songs usually convey the various aspect of Haiti social live with humor and love.

We can thank the new generation of music in Haiti for bringing back this style of music. However, it is also important to recognize some of the pioneers such as Ti Paris, Altieri Dorival, Toto Necessite, Rodrigue Milien, and Couple Cloue