The Song Guepe Pagnol By Skah Shah Number

The Song Guepe Pagnol By Skah Shah Number

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The original group Skah Shah was called Shleu-Shleu, but with the help of Joe Ely Elfort the band was reorganized and renamed. Its members, just to mention a few, included Jean Michel Saint Victor, who is better known as Zouzoul, Eddie Cohen, vocalist Jean Elie Telfort, whose stage name is Cubano and the late Mario Mayala. Mayala played the guitar with unprecedented expertise. Some of the hit songs of Skah Shah included Caroline, Haiti, Ozanana, Macho man, and Sentiment. The group traversed Central and North America as its popularity spread beyond geographical boundaries. 3-- The Song Guepe Pagnol by Skah Shah Number 1

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