The Musical Group PNP, Plezi'n Nap Pran - Ghislaine

The Musical Group PNP, Plezi'n Nap Pran - Ghislaine

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Who can actually bring the old time back to you. It is no other than PNP, Plezi'n Nap Pran. What a souvenir, what a period in Haiti. The time of the Freres Dejean De Petion Ville, The time of Skah Shah in New York. Les Fantesistes de Carrefour. Lest Lionceaux des cayes.

Thanks to this Group PNP, Plezi'n Nap Pra, i can go back for a moment, close my eyes and picture these beautiful times. It was a period of love, constantly impressing the girls, developing strategies to talk to the girl you were in love with; however you couldn't yet let know about your feelings.

Secret meetings so the families and friends would not be aware of. Thank you PNP, Plezi'n Nap Pran with Ghislaine

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