Song From Ti Manno Interpreted By Bella Mondo Africa

Song From Ti Manno Interpreted By Bella Mondo Africa

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Do you remember this song from Ti manno. One of his classic songs being played by the famous African band. The group Bella Mondo Africa is from Ivory65279 Coast . They sing the music of TIMANO with DP Express to honor this great Haitian musician. We can see real talent among the members of the group Ti Manno was one of his kind at the time he was performing his music. Now that he is gone, I wish more musicians could use his large collections of Haitian hit songs to keep them alive. Antoine Rosini Jean Baptiste, better known as Timanno, was considered to be a genius, a musical prophet, a visionary, and revolutionist. He was one of the few Haitian musicians who had the courage to denounce the major problems found in the Haitian society. Among other things, Ti Manno denounced sexual harassment, discrimination and injustice.

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