Senateur Moise Jean Charles on International aids, resources, Michel Martelly

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Senator Moise Jean Charles is explaining the situation of the people all over the world. This presentation was delivered at a forum of the Diaspora. He talked about the distribution of wealth.

No More UN Troops Moise asks of Brazilian Senate

Senator Jean Moise of Haiti called on the Brazilian Senate to withdraw MINUSTAH troops from Haiti, occupying since June 2004. The troops have remained to keep the peace since Jean-Bertrand Aristide's ouster from office the same year.

Chairwoman, Ana Rita, of the Committee on Human Rights and Participative Legislation forwarded the request to Senator Ricardo Ferraco, who in turn contacted Minister of Defense, Celso Amorim and Minister of External Relations, Luiz Machado.

de la Diaspora contre le cholera et la MINUSTAH en Haiti.

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Jules Casseus says...

Poor people from the diaspora.

They are westing their time
listening to a clown !

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Jean says...

Sil te Prezidan li pa tap pale konsa paske se la janl li tap defann

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