Jean-Bertrand Aristide made rare public appearance

Jean-Bertrand Aristide made rare public appearance

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Here is former President Jean Bertrand Aristide showing some support to the Presidential candidate of the political party Fanmi lavalas, Maryse Narciste.This was on August 29, 2016 the two were in Petion-Ville. The Lavalas leader asked the crowd who were passionate about him to help him bring dignity to the Haition people

What do you think? Will Jean-Bertrand Aristide become more active in this campaign season? What are the chances for Maryse Narciste to become the next president of Haiti?

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Fabonord Saint-vil says...

Bèl prezantasyon menm rete kwè fò nou fèt Assanm pounou genyen a 95 pou San pou min Magic peyi Kolon nou yo pa papwanl bay moun yo vle (sak sanble rasanble Ala Dessalinyen marchons unit )

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