PNP, Plezi'n Nap Pran - Madan Marye music Video

PNP, Plezi'n Nap Pran - Madan Marye music Video

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The Haitian Musical Group PNP stands for Plezi'n Nap Pran. It is a group of former musicians, mostly retired and using usic as a way to connect and to bring the good old time of Haitian music. This band plays mainly in private parties and have huge followers. The Plezi'n Nap Pran (PNP) musical group is based in Miami and performs now regularly.

The Plezi'n Nap Pran band was formed in the spring of 2004. A group of friends started to meet every Friday simply to "hang out", with no specific purpose. the discussion were at the time around the good old days in Haiti. Soon after, they decided not only to talk about the good old day but to bring these time back by bringing some of the beautiful songs of that time. PNP (Plezi'n Nap Pran) was created as a result

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