Michel Martelly speech at the United Nations, September 26, 2014

Michel Martelly speech at the United Nations, September 26, 2014

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The Haitian President, Michel Joseph Martelly giving his speech at the United Nations.

The Haitian President took the podium of the General Assembly today and used the opportunity to call on the world organization to strengthen itself by enlarging the Security Council. He stated that the current UN's 15-member peace security body needs to increase in size with new permanent members.

The Haitian President also noted some some positive accomplishments from the UN. According to Michel Martelly,
the United Nations remains our best defense against challenges such as the protection of our dignity.

With regard to Haiti, Michel Martelly would like to see a progressive withdrawal of the peacekeeping force, MINUSTAH

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Lamarre Sanon says...

Dear Mr le president, je suis lamarre sanon l'un des celèbre artiste peintre haitien vivant a l'é vous felicite Mr le president pour le travail vous êtres entrain de faire dans mon pay. une travail qui ne vous cosène pas seulment, mais de tout les haitiens qui ne voir pas seulment les poches, mais qui à de bonne sentiment patriotisme.

Anssi que le peuple.

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