Michel Martelly ap depoze sou Lilianne Pierre Paul ak Jean Monard

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Former Haitian President Michel Martelly was on Radio Caraibes. He took the opportunity to attack both Jean Monard metellus and Lilianne Pierre Paul. The artist Sweet Mickey made some domaging revelations.

Many people feel that it was not appropriate for the staff at Radio Caraibes to let Michel Martelly to com to the Radio station where Jena Monard holds his shows and have Sweet Mickey to insult hime there.

What is your opinion about this interview? Do you think that President Martelly was right? is any of the allegations thrown at either Jean Monard or Lilianne Pierre Paul is true? Please express yourself

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Maud says...

Bravo Micky...

les journalists en Haiti maintenant sont des hypocrites...

yo sou payroll...

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Bwa Sanfey says...

Jean Monard & Lilianne should ignore a lSOB llke him. They are in a different class.

Even a dog with the right contacts can become president of Haiti.

Being President of Haiti is no longer a prestigious position.

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