Michel Martelly AKA Sweet Micky

Michel Martelly AKA Sweet Micky

The keyboardist and self proclaimed President of Kompa, Michel Martelly, with his popular name Sweet Micky is an animator in his own right. Just with a few members, Sweet Micky was able to make a name for himself in the Haitian entertainment field. Martell has a reputation for drinking on stage while performing. He is outspoken, sometimes uses wigs, diapers on stage. In some occasions, he would remove his pants while performing. He performs in a variety of settings. Michel Martelly is king in Haitian Kanaval. He is very popular among Kompa lovers

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In 20010 Michel Martelly made a drastic move by announcing his candidacy for the presidency of Haiti. After hard fought campaign, he came on third position, after candidates Mirlande Manigat and Jude Celestin. Sweet Mickey's fan immediately took to the streets to protest the election results. They estimated that Michel Martelly was qualified to participate in the runoff election