Maryse Narcisse said Michel Martelly is involved in maneuver Tactic

Maryse Narcisse said Michel Martelly is involved in maneuver Tactic

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The coordinator of Fanmi Lavalas thinks that the issue surrendering Jean Bertrand Aristide and Judge Lamarre Belizaire is none other than Ploitical maneuver by the Martelly government to divert attention of the public. Maryse Narcisse said that with the school reopening where families do not know how they are going to send their children to school. Also the price of gasoline will increase at the same time, the government needs the population to focus on something else.

As you know, Judge Lamarre Belizaire invited the Director General of the National Police of Haiti Godson Orélus, to explain why the arrest warrant issued against former President Jean Bertrand Aristide has not been implemented.

Without calling name, Ms. Narcisse also wants the public to notice that the information on this summons has been issued by a news agency HCNN, which is run by Guy Delva, a member of the current government .

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Ti Claude says...

mwen fe massissi avek nom docte a.

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Gene Victor says...

Why Aristide need to be arrested?

Jean Claude Duvalier was the first one that got arrested why they never brought him to justice because Martelly is a Duvalierist the haitian wheel of justice never turn the way for everyone.

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Neg Miserne says...

Everything is political with the Lavalasses.

The only way to find out if the accusations against Aristide is political or not, is for him to appear in court.

This lady is a zombie, she's not in her right mind. Aristide need to arrested.

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Gesnel says...

Martelly ap fe magouy pou'l kapab retire atansyon Ayisyen sou prizonye zanmi li yo li te voye lage nan prizon.

e pou li ka pa organize eleksyon nan peyi a

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