Lycée Alexandre Pétion, Cérémony of inauguration

Lycée Alexandre Pétion, Cérémony of inauguration

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Here is the Video to show you how the ceremony of inauguration of Lycée Alexandre Pétion went.

On October 8th, 20145, President Martelly accompanied his wife Sophia Martelly and other important ministers visited the Bel-Air area in Port-au-Prince to inaugurate the new premises of "Lycée Alexandre Pétion". The old school building was severely damaged in the 2010 earthquake. "Lycée Alexandre Pétion", founded in 1816 A.D., is the first secondary school in Haiti and the first secular educational institution in the whole Caribbean. The new building covers an area of 9,400 square meters and consists of 43 classrooms for about 2,600 students. It also includes multi-sports fields, five laboratories, cafeterias, and an auditorium with 250 seats. In 2016, the school will celebrate its bicentennial year.

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