VIDEO - Jocelerme Privert elected Provisional President of Haiti

VIDEO - Jocelerme Privert elected Provisional President of Haiti

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Here is the videoJocelerme Privert elected Provisional President of Haiti.

On February 14, 2016, the Haitian lawmakers chose the country's Senate chief Jocelerme Privert to lead a caretaker government as the interim provisional president with missions to ease the tensions of the suspended elections and hold the overdue presidential election on April 24, 2016 to install a new President on May 14, 2016, all within his 120-day tenure. Privert was one of the three candidates (the two others were Edgard Leblanc Fils and Dejean Bélizaire) vying to lead an interim government to fill the void left by earlier President of the republic Michele Martelly. Edgard Leblanc, a former Senate president was backed by Martelly's political faction. Privert received his acceptance from his fellow lawmakers after a lengthy legislative session that lasted from Saturday into Sunday; he became interim president after 3 a.m. EDT (0800 GMT) following a second round of voting. He was ahead of his nearest rival Edgard Leblanc with 77 votes, 13 from the Senate and 64 from the lower house. The last time the country had an interim administration was in 2004 when Aristide was ousted by a coup and that government lasted for two years.

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