Haitian Kompa Band Freres Dejean de Petion in KONSA

Haitian Kompa Band Freres Dejean de Petion in KONSA

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My story about this song. The band Freres Dejean was coming to the City of Cap-Haitian for the first time. We have been going together for about three Months. I told you at the time that the Group Freres Dejean was in town and I would like to take you to the Bal. Yuo accepted the offer, although you said that you will find a way to convince your parents to let you go as well.

We finally made it. I remember that we were inside Feu Vert Nighclub by 10:30 pm and the band Freres Dejean started playing in front of us. That night you were very beautiful with your log dress. I remember the hair style, the color of the dress. I was so proud to be next to you as I thought at the time that you were the most beautiful girl at the club.

We danced the old night and it was spectacular. i can never forget that night

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