Haiti has become the Wild Wild West, watch latest protest

Haiti has become the Wild Wild West, watch latest protest

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Haiti, a country in perpetual crisis. Here is the latest video of the protest against the Government of Michel Martelly and Laurent Lamothe. Haitian Deputy Arnel Belizaire taking the law on his own hands to self secure.

The protest against the government of Martelly-Lamothe is gaining momentum once again as the opposition is applying pressure on this government in the war to control the future of Haiti.

Arnel Belizaire, a current Deputy, is seen with his gun hanging on his neck, leading the protest this time, just like in "The Wild Wild West" Movie. We also observed an increase in the number of manifestants on the streets giving the Police a run for their money.

In the meantime, President Michel Martelly is feeling the heat more and more like a fire that is moving closer and closer. The President is currently in a bind. He can not afford ot to have election this year, and unlike in previous years is now willing to put almost everything on the negotiation table.

According to President Michel Martelly, "The elections can no longer wait". He confirmed on Tuesday that first round of crucial legislative elections is scheduled for October 26 of this year, with the dated for runoff ballot to be fixed by election authorities.

Unfortunately, the opposition knows that they have President Michel Martelly in a corner and at this point is applying even more pressure on the government, trying to get even more for themseves.

The six superstars in the opposition have been blocking efforts to facilitate the election.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran.....

Mezanmi, Ayti tounin yon fim Kobboy. Gade coman Senatè Arnel Belizaire ape mache nan lari ak zam li nan yon manifestasyon! Sancib-a-al-Gachette. Manifestan ap Chante" "Si Yo Kraze Laville, Nap Boule Petion-Ville"

Pandan ce tan, Prezidan Martelly Ape pran anpil chalè pou li monte yon konsey CEP pou fè eleksyon sa.

Batay sa antre Prezidan, Senat, Pati politik, se deziem gro batay an Ayiti. Premye-a the fet pou indepandans, deziem batay sa ape fet pou determine ki group ki ap kontrole destin Ayiti.

Antou ka, si nou konnin se jwet ti moun kape fet la, nou nan erè

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Pete Morisseau says...

IT don, t matter palemater or not if causing trouble police should deal with you by pump some gas on you until u drop
Deputé oupa bay san save gas?belizer c san zavé bal gas

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Ricclavie says...

Otorite justice yo dwé mandé Senatè Arnel Belizaire pou prezanté nan tribunal koté li te fè manifestation an. Pou repond ak questions sa yo: 1-Eske Senatè te registre manifestation li an nan cahier la polis nan zone sa a van 24 heures?

2- Eske Senatè a gin permit pou zam li te pote an public la?

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