Guy Etienne Top 10 Finalist for Global Teacher Prize -

Guy Etienne Top 10 Finalist for Global Teacher Prize -

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Here is the video of Teacher Guy Etienne who has worked to make his school the benchmark of quality in Haiti.

Etienne took the helm of Catts Pressoir in 1981, turning teaching theory on its ear. He did away with the French education model of rote memorization, and students' role as passive learning receptacles. Instead he put the emphasis on science and technology, and learning should be able to be applied in the real world. In this way students would help their communities, and Haiti as a whole, to move forward. Initially many parents rebelled against this new model but are now accepting Etienne's modernist approach.

Etienne has other impressive achievements on his resume: he is on Education Minister Manigat's Curriculum Reform Commission; a senior fellow of Ashoka; and a Champion of the Re-Imagine Learning Challenge.

If Etienne wins he will use the prize money for an online learning program and give each student a tablet.

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