Gracia Delva

Gracia Delva

The Haitian Kompa artist Gracial Delva. has had a long career in the Haitian music.

More Gracia Delva info:

Gracia was born in Marchand Dessalines on November 20, 1973, Haiti. His musical career started ar a very young age with the group Gerostar. However this did not last long before Gracia Delva went on to play with Djakout Mizik.

After some unresolved issues with the band, Gracia decided once again to make a move, but this time to Zenglen. During the time Delva was performing with Zenglen, they produced several hit songs, one of which was "5 Dwet"

Due to an immigration issue, Gracial was obligated to leave the band and settle in Haiti. Since arriving in Haiti, Gracia Delva createde his own band by the name of Mass Kompa