From Haiti To Guantanamo To College Graduate, Elcana Jean-Pierre my hero

From Haiti To Guantanamo To College Graduate, Elcana Jean-Pierre my hero

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If you are looking for a role model, you don't have to go too far. Here is one of our own.

Elcana Jean-Pierre knows what misery is. She knows what suffering is. She knows that they are barriers and difficulties in life that that you can not let stop you from reaching your goals. Through her resiliency, persistance hard work and patience, she was able to reach her goal. which is to earn a Bachelor of Science in Social Work Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work.

Elcana Jean-Pierre was born in Haiti, unable to walk. Her mother would carry her from place to place by carrying her because the family could not afford a wheelchair. Finally, the family decided to take their chances and sail on a boat to Miami. They did not make it on their own, they were caught by the US coast guard. The family spent over two years in Geantanamo bay camp, living under the tent. They were finally allowed to move to the US because Elcana Jean-Pierre was ill

Now years later, here is what you have; an ambitious, intelligent lady with a goal to get a Master Degree after this.

Elcana Jean-Pierre, you are truly my hero and I love you so much

Pawol Pale, Pawol Komprann...

Mezanmi moun yo, me sa ki rive lè ke yon moun gin anbisyon, perseverans et pasyans. Elcana Jean-Pierre, se yon ti Ayisyenn ki the fet ak tout defi lavi sa te ka bay yon moun.

Lè ke li fet, paran li realize ke li paka mache, Moun yo te si telman pov, minm yon chez roulan ke yo pa te ka ba li. Manman-an the oblige pote li tout kote ke li ape ale.

Fanmil la trouve yon opotinite pou, yo pran bato pou ale Miyami. Bato-a pa rive. US coast Guard kinbe yo. Yo pase plis ke de zan nan Guantanamo ape domi sou tant.

Problem maladi fè ke yo decide pou fanmill la ale Miyami.

Elcana Jean-Pierre gradye nan FIY ak yon Baccalorea Degre. Li prale kontinye pou li dekroche yon Master apre sa

Elcana Jean-Pierre se yon Ero pou mwin minm. Mwin rinmin li anpil, anpil

Eske ou interesse a edikasyon? Si tout bon ou interesse, checke address sa yo:

Verite-a se pa lot kote, se nan edike tet pa-ou pou lot pa itilise-ou mal

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Mecene says...


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Marie Claude Bayard says...

Great video!
I was moved to tears upon learning of this young lady's accomplishments.

Elcana Jean Pierre you are truly a HERO! You deserve our admiration for your resillience and internal fortitude that have helped you surpass every barrier to achieve success.

May God grant you and your family all the blessings you so truly deserve.


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Jules Casseus says...

I am proud of Elcana Jean Pierre

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