Fault Lines Haiti In A Time Of Cholera received award

Fault Lines Haiti In A Time Of Cholera received award

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Documentary Haiti in a Time of Cholera awarded

The documentary Fault Lines was a video documentary produced by Al Jazeera concerning the Cholera problem in Hlaiti

In the documentary Haiti in a Time of Cholera, Al Jazeera reporter examined the epidemic that invaded Haitri following the 2010 earthquake. It actually explained the relationship between Cholera in Haiti and its likely source.

Sebastian Walker, the producer of the documentary, focused on the scale of suffering in the population brought by the cholera epidemic. The documentaries were awarded mainly for their "broad reach and aggressive journalism," the Peabody announcement said.

A 2013 documentary following the plights of Haiti's population in the face of a Cholera epidemic.

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Patchouko says...

This is a really good documentary, about the cholera in Haiti.

Thanks to fault lines with that, the rest of the wolrd can see how the UN nation hurt us bad at the same time our government still protecting themselves instead of doing the right thing to force The UN to take there responsibility to what they did. strangers are standing by us and our governments are agains us.

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