Famous song Lelene Cherie by Shoogar Combo

Famous song Lelene Cherie by Shoogar Combo

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We can all admit that Shoogar Combo develop its own Kompa style and with the somg Lelene Cherie, the band has been at the time was the "Chouchou" in the heart of the Haitian music lovers. Shoogar Combo has recently tried to make a comeback in the music world. They have released some new songs. However, the fan are still in love with those old Shougar combo hits

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Duchesse says...


It was in the early 1980's, I went to Haiti on vacation from New York around Christmas time. I met a gentleman at a party given by a bank. This band was playing; he asked me to dance and, of course, the music was: Lelene Cherie.

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