Eyma Achille And Roger Colas - Minuit Chretien

Eyma Achille And Roger Colas - Minuit Chretien

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Have you ever heard beautiful voices such as those of Roger Colas and Eyma Achille in the song Minuit Chretien I did not think so. I grew up listening to these two artists singing this christmas song and I have to admit that every time I hear them it is magic. Too bad Roger Colas had to leave us so soon, at the top of his musical career. Beautiful memories of Roger Colas singing with Septentrional all types of love songs Eyma Achille for her part was a giant as a religious music artist. She shared her beautiful voice with many, singing in 4VEH, a religious radio station located near Cap-Haitian. Listening the voices of Roger Colas and Eyma Achille together in this beautiful Christmas song Minuit Chretien is all one can ast for

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Monvieux says...

Voix exceptionelles, inoubliables.

souvenirs De la ville du Cap.

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Princess D. says...

This is a song that will remain in my mind for the rest of my life.

I am from Cap-Haitian and I gre-up when Roger Colas and Eyma Achille were playing this Christmas song. Two great Haitian artists who could have been millionaire if they were from another country

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