Cipha Sounds Apology after making Joke on HIV and haitian women

Cipha Sounds Apology after making Joke on HIV and haitian women

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Here is the video of the DJ Cipha Sounds making an apology to the Haitian community after stating that the reason he remained HIV negative is because he does not mess with Haitian women.

Following this comment, Leaders of the Haitian community staged a protest in front of the radio station to denounce the behavior.

The radio hos has been receiving a lot of hit following this statement. The radio station has not made a decision to remove the radio host from the station. In the meantime, many in the Haitian community want to discourage advertisers to provide advertisement to the radio station until Cipha Sounds is removed from the radio station

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Ricclavie says...

We haitian are the coolest people in the planet Earth.

However others abuse our kindness to a limit.

Sometimes we have to show them that we are not stupid.

The morning radio host did appologize; we understand the show is about jokes.

Entertainment has a limit.

Be respectful!

Like we always say: be easy!!

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