Bope Pa Papa Music Video of Gazman couleur

Bope Pa Papa Music Video of Gazman couleur

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A song with an important message for the Haitian public. Bope Pa Papa, the new Music video from Disip of Gazman Couleur is a bum. The new team is back once again and this time it is with an new music video that addresses a problem that many Haitian families have become victim of. Bope Pa Papa is a message for both the man and the woman in a relationship. It teaches the man not to be so quick to act because it might have unwanted consequences. For the woman, the issue is that leaving a man for another, is not the solution because Bope Pa Papa

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Chena Jean says...

I love disip music and his music always have a message for us to learn from and I love that his happy on his on skin what I mean about that is he don't act like his better then you I love very much

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