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Re: Famous Song Lelene Cherie By Shoogar Combo

Duchesse Says...


It was in the early 1980's, I went to Haiti on vacation from New York around Christmas time. I met a gentleman at a party given by a bank. This band was playing; he asked me to dance and, of course, the music was: Lelene Cherie.

We are still the best of friends.

But don't I remember that specific night.

I have to say that I never meet anybody as sweet as him. Unfortunately, we both had prior commitments.

No lost when it comes to that. The love that we have for each other, the respect and the recognition that we are special to each other went beyond the physical attractions that were consuming us. I still remember his embrace that night while we were moving to the beat of that unforgetable song.

My testimony: You were then and you're now what I can call a true friend.

You still love me and it's reciprocical.

Very few people can say without a doubt that they know what love is all about.

When it comes to you; I KNOW! Thanks to that Christmas party, the friend who invited me (R.I.P.)and Shoogar Combo for Lelene Cherie.

P.S.: We are not lovers.

Just super friends with memories for a lifetime.

He called me his Duchesse.

Posted April 10 2011 at 6:00 AM

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